Beyond CMYK with Xerox®

Celebrate with the newest effects in Digital Printing

CMYK+ or Beyond CMYK by Xerox® — Unbeatable innovation from the leading manufacturer of digital printing systems in 2020 is now available from Pinpops.

As our customers are busy creating new unseen products to complement the events industry, we didn't want to stop their creativity with technical limitations. After several decades of stagnant digital printing industry, the time is finally right for innovation.

The vision shouldn’t be limited by color. See how we can help you turn challenges into opportunities that go beyond CMYK. With Beyond CMYK by Xerox®, we can offer new unseen color combinations that were previously impossible for digital printing production.

Now we can provide White, Metallic colors, Silver, Gold, Clear — Fluorescent Yellow, Cyan, and Magenta, all of which glow under blacklight.

Beyond CMYK with Xerox - New standard for digital printing

The amazing Xerox® Fluorescents Stretch the Possibilities of Color

Fluorescent Neon colors add brightness to complicated colors such as lime green. With CMYK colors, it used to be impossible to repeat a bright, vivid lime color. Add a little bit of neon brightness to the mix, and you have a glowing, brightly lit lime.

How bright can a color be? With the new Xerox® Beyond CMYK color kit, we can provide more depth, vivid and lively color combinations such as metallic colors by mixing CMYK with metallic silver. Three-dimensional printing, gloss effect on water droplets and true metallics give a whole new meaning to HD printing.

Xerox® Ultra-HD printing includes four times more dots per inch when compared to other production printing manufacturers. Another distinctive feature of Xerox® print is its exceptionally matt finish that closely mimics the printing finish of offset-printing.

Glittery effect with the new metallic colors

The rainbow of metallic colors in these postcards were created by mixing a Silver Dry Ink underlay with CMYK spot tints and gradients

If you are our customer, try the new Xerox® Beyond CMYK colors with your next order. If you are yet to become a customer, contact us for a quote or ask for our amazing printing sample kit to see how digital printing with Xerox® is the right way, the only way to do digital printing.

For more information on Xerox® Beyond CMYK and the amazing game-changer in the digital printing industry, go to

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