Round Lanyard for
Conferences,Concerts,Exhibitions,Events,Gigs,Sporting events

Soft Round Lanyards with foam-filled core

Soft round lanyard is made with custom dyed polyester yarn. With the logo completed in yarn instead of printing, the design will last for years.

Extra soft round lanyard and key chain

You're missing out on a lot unless you've never got this neckband on your neck. The extra-soft round woven lanyards are filled with a foam-like synthetic material that makes the lanyard exceptionally soft and thus comfortable to wear. Because the neckband is elastic, soft and has no edges, the material has a particularly comfortable feel.

The lanyard is woven in 1-2 colors, making the lanyard either striped or monochrome as shown in the pictures above. For weaving, yarn is dyed to order in any Pantone® shade. The starting cost of weaving depends on the amount of color, see Price List for more details.

At the base of the lanyard right above the key ring or trigger clip, a flexible fabric mark can be made to weave the logo or text of your choice.

An alternative to the fabric mark is a soft PVC-plastic collar with, for example, a logo. You can choose one or the other, either a fabric label or a pvc collar.

Optional safety buckle

An optional safety buckle in the shape of a barrel is available for this lanyard model. To maintain optimum cushioning on the neck, we recommend setting the safety lock lower on the lanyard to keep the neckband soft and comfortable.

This product is available in two different lengths, one for the lanyard and one for the key chain. By default, the lanyard is made with a fabric label, and the wristband with a PVC plastic collar. By default, the fabric label is woven in two colors. By default, the PVC collar also has a two-color finish.

Price list for woven lanyards

Model Color 300 500 1000 2000 3000
Ø 3/16"-1/4" (5-7mm)
Choose thickness
2 color with fabric label
1 color + base color
For over 2000 pcs
get a quotation
Ø 3/16"-1/4" (5-7mm)
Choose thickness
2 color incl logo
No separate label, logo directly on lanyard
$2.11 $1.98 $1.66 $1.62
Ø 3/16"-1/4" (5-7mm)
Choose thickness
1 color + PVC label
PVC collar base+1 color
$2.19 $2.06 $1.74 $1.68
Ø 3/16"-1/4" (5-7mm)
Choose thickness
2 color + pvc label
Base color + 1 color
$2.24 $2.10 $1.79 $1.73
Ø 1/4" (7mm)
Navy type weaving
2 color + pvc label
Base color + 1 color
$2.15 $2.12 $1.70 $1.63

Additional colors priced at $0.03 per color, up to 3 colors per lanyard. Safety buckle not included in price. Standard production time is 3 weeks. Shipping Charges & Tax information.

Optional products and services
Trigger clip or keyring (split ring) Included as standard
Safety buckle $0.11
Mobile holder $0.14
Trigger clip in black or gold $0.34
Additional colors on fabric label
Additional price per lanyard
Additional colors on PVC collar
Additional price per lanyard

*Safety buckle is barrel shaped, thicker than lanyard

Set-up charges
Set-up charge per color (lanyard)
Base color without separate charge
Fabric label set up charge $45.20
PVC label mold charge $45.20

How to order

To place an order for woven lanyards, contact our sales by phone or by email. Send us your logo files and any artwork as vectorized PDF-files and we will create a digital proof of your order before proceeding to production.

Lanyard attachment options

Click on an image to see more detailed description of each accessory

Build a woven lanyard

All of our printed lanyards are made to order with sewing and printing happening simultaneously

Pantone® matching yarn

The yarn used to make woven lanyards is dyed to order in the desired Pantone® shade

Your choice of attachments

All lanyards come with a metal trigger clip and a safety buckle, and custom configuration is also available

Free digital proof

We will create a digital proof of every bespoke order before proceeding to the production

Ready to order round woven lanyards?

Send us an order by email, include logo and other necessary files to receive free digital proof!