Full color lanyard for
gifts,promotion,advertising,promotional gifts

Gift ribbon is always in full-color

Inexpensive full-color digital sublimation printing method provides the benefits of unlimited color, without the expensive pricing of other printing methods

Satin gift wrap with print

You can conveniently get satin gift ribbons in full color with a custom print from 100 yards/meters. Satin gift ribbons get printed on a polyester ribbon with a merrow border.

The gift ribbons are printed on satin ribbon material in full color on both sides. The more preferred tape has a glossy surface and a matte surface on the other. The higher quality tape, on the other hand, has a matte finish on both sides.

The reverse side is printed without alignment

Note that the price does not include different sides of the print, so the printed logo may be on different sides of the ribbon. Targeting the same item is a paid service. Starting with the tape is white, the background color comes with the printing while the logo is printed.

Therefore, it is recommended to leave the back of the ribbon in a solid color in any base color you want, without the logo.

The smallest batch of 100 meters, the largest you choose

You can also send a request for a quotation if the demand is higher than the quantities specified in the price list. The smallest printable volume is 100 meters, and Gift ribbons are only sold in full 100 meters. The gift ribbon is printed with the same printing method as the multicolored sublimation lanyards. Our fastest production time is just one working day, during which we can print individual satin ribbons and gift ribbons!

Order by email

Contact our sales office for an offer, or place an order with email. Full-color sublimation gift ribbon is digitally proofed before proceeding to production.

Printed gift ribbon price list

Model Printing 100m 300m 500m 1000m 3000m 5000m 10000m 20000m
5/8" (15mm) width Full color print
double sided
Shiny satin like surface
$0.65 $0.56 $0.42 $0.35 $0.29 $0.28 $0.24 $0.24
3/4" (20mm) width $0.79 $0.66 $0.52 $0.43 $0.36 $0.32 $0.29 $0.28
1" (25mm) width $1.01 $0.86 $0.64 $0.54 $0.46 $0.41 $0.37 $0.35
1.18" (30mm) width $1.15 $1.00 $0.72 $0.62 $0.53 $0.48 $0.44 $0.41
1.38" (35mm) width $1.33 $1.13 $0.78 $0.71 $0.60 $0.55 $0.52 $0.48
1.57" (40mm) width $1.48 $1.26 $0.94 $0.78 $0.67 $0.61 $0.58 $0.54
1.77" (45mm) width $1.69 $1.42 $1.06 $0.86 $0.74 $0.68 $0.65 $0.60
1.97" (50mm) width $1.91 $1.62 $1.20 $1.00 $0.86 $0.78 $0.73 $0.70
2.36" (60mm) width $2.27 $1.92 $1.42 $1.19 $1.01 $0.94 $0.86 $0.82

Printing set up charge is 35 euros. Production time standard is 2 weeks. Prices excluding VAT.

Optional products and services
Cutting into desired lengths $0.30
per cut
Delivery on a roll (max 109ft/roll)
By default delivery as bulk (not roll)
per roll
Express production 5-8 working days +50%
Express production 2-4 working days +100%
Double-sided matching print* +30%

*By default, the reverse side print does not match front side print position

Printing set-up charges
Full-color sublimation printing $36.00
Contrasting reverse side print $0.00

How to order

To place an order for full-color printed gift ribbon, contact our sales by phone or by email. Send us your print files, artwork, or logos as vectorized PDF-files, and we will create a digital proof of your order before proceeding to production.

Build a custom gift ribbon

High quality satin ribbon is always in full-color with sublimation printing

Full color printing

The advantage of a sublimation printing is full-color as a standard

On a roll - or not

You can get better pricing for gift ribbon by ordering it in bulk instead of a roll

Free digital proof

We will create a digital proof of every bespoke order before proceeding to the production

Ready to order printed gift ribbon?

Send us an order by email, include logo and other necessary files to receive free digital proof!