Woven Lanyards for
Conferences,Concerts,Exhibitions,Events,Gigs,Sporting events

Woven Lanyard with Custom Pantone® Colors will last for years

Woven Lanyards are manufactured using polyester yarns dyed to Pantone® color. Woven with different colored threads, the logos and content are kept unchanged from year to year.

Woven Lanyards and Neck Bands at an affordable price!

The woven lanyard is made with custom Pantone® colors. Each Pantone® dyed thread in the lanyard is woven according to the order's design, so you get a unique and durable woven lanyard. Because the lanyard's design is woven, instead of printing, the logo will not wear out or fade. For woven lanyards, the logo cannot be worn off and, if necessary, the lanyard can be washed.

Mirror image on the reverse side

The lanyard is woven flat to the desired width using colored threads. The lanyard always has at least 2 different yarn colors to form the desired base color and a logo in its basic form. On the back of the lanyard, the design is reversed in contrasting colors.

If more than two colors are used, the reverse side becomes multicolored. If the material is to have the same appearance on both sides, the lanyard is woven in two layers, whereby the material becomes thicker and somewhat stiffer.

Minimum order from 300 lanyards

Custom woven lanyards are available from 300 pieces. Price includes a trigger clip and a safety buckle.

Faster options for express production

We recommend a full-color printed lanyard that will be finished in just a few days for a really busy client. Without a print, you can order blank stock lanyards directly from our online shop for a next day dispatch.

Price list for woven lanyards

Model Color 300 500 1000+
3/8" (10mm) width 2-color
Note: Base color
+1 color logo
Flat 1-sided
$1.56 $1.34 For over 1000 pcs
get a quotation
5/8" (15mm) width $1.60 $1.40
3/4" (20mm) width $1.66 $1.45
1" (25mm) width $1.89 $1.67

Additional colors priced at $0.06 per color, up to 8 colors per lanyard. Standard production time is from two to three weeks. Shipping Charges & Tax information.

Optional products and services
Trigger clip and safety buckle Included as standard
Quick release buckle** $0.54
Split ring or metal swivel hook $0.10
Lobster clip, bulldog clip $0.11
Mobile holder $0.14
Trigger clip in black or gold $0.34
Individual or retail packaging Get a quote
Express production in 2 weeks +50%

*Short lanyard strap with quick release buckle is also woven

Set-up charges
Set-up charge per color
Base color without separate charge
Charge for double sided weaving +40%

How to order

To place an order for woven lanyards, contact our sales by phone or by email. Send us your logo files and any artwork as vectorized PDF-files and we will create a digital proof of your order before proceeding to production.

Lanyard accessories

Click on an image to see more detailed description of each accessory

Build a woven lanyard

All of our printed lanyards are made to order with sewing and printing happening simultaneously

Pantone® matching yarn

The yarn used to make woven lanyards is dyed to order in the desired Pantone® shade

Your choice of attachments

All lanyards come with a metal trigger clip and a safety buckle, and custom configuration is also available

Free digital proof

We will create a digital proof of every bespoke order before proceeding to the production

Ready to order woven lanyards?

Send us an order by email, include logo and other necessary files to receive free digital proof!