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Fully customized scarves with logo

Custom woven scarves with logo design
Custom scarfs
Custom woven scarf
Custom woven scarves pattern
Bespoke Woven Fan Scarves made to order

The individually woven fan scarf is a lovely promotional product that, until now, was only available to large customers. From us, you get a fully customized weaving patterns with your original design, woven with a logo from scratch. With original woven scarves, the design comes from you. Our scarves are not just a printed product; bespoke weaving patterns are created for you.

If you are looking for a more straightforward implementation and want woven neck scarves with stock designs and custom woven labels, leather labels, or printing, contact us for a quotation. Woven labels can be included as part of a scarf weaving production, but there are higher minimums.

Neck scarves are made in custom patterns by weaving the desired design from 100% acrylic yarn. The woven neck scarf is a traditional, soft, warm, water-repellent, and perfect giveaway product that the recipient will be happy to receive. Neck scarves are also fabulous as a fan product or fundraiser.

Custom woven neck scarf with a logo

The standard neck scarf includes not just the custom weaving patterns in desired colors but a matching set of tassels on both ends.

The final end product is equal to commercially manufactured neck scarves. As a matter of fact, the production takes place in a factory specializing in custom scarves and beanies.

The standard production time for making scarves with your own patterns from scratch is about two weeks.

Since producing fully customized neck scarves requires a unique weaving program, the price is less favorable for small batches than it is for higher quantities. Therefore, we prefer orders of at least 100 pieces in the price list.

Weaving pattern is never as sharp as printing

Please also note that the manufacturing method of the custom neck scarves is weaving. Hence, the result is not a sharp image but a woven neck scarf using different colored yarns. So, the "resolution" of the soft and thick acrylic thread is not very high.

If you are still deciding whether to place an order, we recommend visiting our showroom to familiarize yourself with the neck scarves made for our customers. The scarves are on display in the showroom all year round. Unfortunately, they cannot be purchased.

Custom Woven Scarves- Price List

The price includes high-quality weaving in up to six colors, including the base color. The custom scarf is woven, not printed, with the logo — tassels include up to three colors. Production time might increase during peak season.

Product Colors Size 25 pcs 50 pcs 100 pcs 200+ pcs
Premium scarves
100% acrylic yarn
Weaving with
up to six colors
$12.72 $10.32 $9.48

Standard production time outside winter season is approximately two weeks from the approval of digital proof. Information on Shipping Charges, Sales Tax, and Payment Methods is available here.

Optional products and services
Custom woven label
Minimum order 200 scarves
Printed kraft paper sleeve
Wrapping with custom sleeve
Set-up Charges
Weaving set-up charge
Fixed fee regardless of quantity

Repeat order set up charges at 50% from standard pricing

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