Nature™ Conference Badges

Fully compostable conference tags, formed by nature.

Conference Badges made from Natural materials
Chlorophyll, 50% of this paper is made from resource-saving fibers such as wheat straw, grass, cotton and cannabis
Gentlemen Blue, light blue 600gsm 100% cotton
Power Blue, extra deep navy blue 600gsm 100% cotton
Conference Badges designed by Nature

Nature Conference Badges are made from different fibers such as cotton, wheat straw, grass, and cannabis. You can choose from multiple options, each having distinctive features and surface textures typical to the source material. The thickness is another excellent feature of our Nature Conference Badges, and the thickest cotton badge can be up to 1.25mm or 3/64" in thickness.

Resource Saving Chlorophyll

The bright green Chlorophyll Bio Cycle card stock is made from plant fibers and is compostable, thus providing nutrients to grow new plants. A perfect ecological cycle. Up to 50% of this paper is from resource-saving fibers such as wheat straw, grass, cotton, and cannabis. The Chlorophyll Conference Badge sets a statement for ecological action and provides environmentally conscious companies with conspicuous added value in design, haptics, storytelling, and credibility.

Pure 100% Cotton Badges

It is made from pure cotton, soft, gentle, elegant, and superlatively thick. Cotton Conference Badges have a smooth surface feel.

Cotton paper, also known as rag paper, is made using cotton linters, fine fibers which stick to the cotton seeds after processing. Before the advent of pulp paper, cotton was the primary form of paper production.

Recycled Anthracite Conference Badges

The deep, rich black color of the Anthracite conference badges come from sustainable recycled cardboard made from waste paper fibers, manufactured in France. Cardboard thickness is thinner than that of the cotton badges, but they are just as rigid and sturdy.

Some limitations apply to these badges

You can download the Artwork instructions for the Nature Conference Badges right after the price list on this page as a PDF file. We recommend reading the Artwork Instruction file before designing your conference badges. This product has some limitations, including the inability to laminate or create rounded corners. Since the Nature Conference Badges are not laminated, they would not endure in an outdoor event if they could get wet. For the attachment, we only provide a round metal grommet as the attaching point for lanyards.

Nature Conference Badges - Price list

The price includes full-color printing, personalization, and a round metal grommet. Rounded corners is not available for this product.

Size Features Printing 100 pcs 200 pcs 300 pcs 400+ pcs
3" x 4" Small Nature Card Stock
Personalization and
metal grommet included
One-sided $2.16

Double-sided $2.96
4" x 6"
Postcard size
One-sided $2.96
Double-sided $3.76

Standard production time is approximately two weeks from the approval of digital proof. Information on Shipping Charges, Sales Tax, and Payment Methods is available here.

Optional products and services
Second Metal grommet
All badge prices include the first grommet
Alphabetized delivery
Delivery in alphabetized order
Delivery in 2-4 working days + 30 %
Set-up Charges
Printing set-up charge
Full-color printing is a standard
Graphic design for badges
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Artwork instructions
Download artwork instructions PDF
You should also check out the General Artwork Instructions
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