Custom Personal Safety Reflectors

Increase safety with customized personal safety reflectors

Personalized safety reflectors with custom printed logos and graphics

Any shape, any size with your own design printed on a 3M® Scotchlite® reflector

Safety in mind, reflectors increase visibility

As we move into the winter season, daylight hours get shorter, and darkness prevails. For increased visibility, especially for pedestrians, our personal safety reflectors make you visible in the dark. Easily attach the free-hanging personalized safety reflector on backpacks, jackets, or anywhere else you wish to increase visibility.

How does a personal safety reflector work?

A personalized safety reflector appears brilliant white to a driver when the vehicle's headlights illuminate the reflector. As the person wearing a safety reflector moves, the free-hanging personalized safety reflector appears flickering, capturing the driver's attention.

Unique printing method for increased safety

The personal safety reflector is made using either 3M® Scotchlite® or Reflomax Glodian retro-reflective film. The Reflomax Glodian is phthalate free, 3M® Scotchlite® is not.

Your customized print is printed underneath the reflective foil, instead on top of it, increasing safety features of the personal safety pendant. By printing the logo underneath, the design does not obstruct or decrease the visibility - main feature - of the product.

Recyclable materials

All materials of the personal safety reflective pendant are fully recyclable. They do not need batteries and provide a fully waterproof reflection, no matter the weather conditions. Reflectors have been worn in Scandinavia, the location of our main operations, for several decades.

We know the product inside out, and we can help you increase the safety and visibility of pedestrians in your area, too!

Small order minimum, fast production time

With the minimum order of just 100 reflectors, we can produce your order within 1-2 weeks from the approval of digital proof. Every order of customized products is digitally proofed on our Online Proofing System. Once you green light the production, it only takes about a week to produce customized, bespoke personal safety reflectors.

Fulfills the CE EN13356:2001 certification requirements

All personal safety reflectors are shipped in an individually packaged bag with use instructions. Our custom personal safety reflectors fulfill the strict requirements of the CE EN13356:2001 requirements.

3M® Scotchlite® and Reflomax Glodian personal safety reflectors

Individual packaging included with use instructions and CE marking. Default attachment string and a safety pin. Other available accessories are listed at the end of this page with prices.

Shape and size Printing 250 pcs 500 pcs 1000 pcs 2000+ pcs
Round Ø50mm (2")
Heart 59x50mm (2.3"x2")
One-sided print $0.95 $0.60 $0.57 For over 1000 pcs
get a quotation
Two-sided print $1.13 $0.71 $0.68
Round Ø 60mm or 70mm (2.36" or 2.75")
Square (hole in corner):
55x55mm, 60x60mm (2.17" or 2.36")
square (hole in center): 50x50mm (2")
One-sided print $1.49 $0.94 $0.89
Two-sided print $1.76 $1.11 $1.06
Triangular 60x52mm (2.36"x2")
Pharmacy cross 47x57mm (1.85x2.25")
One-sided print $0.95 $0.60 $0.57
Two-sided print $1.13 $0.71 $0.68
Triangular 77x62mm (3"x2.45")
Cat's head shape 68x51mm (2.7"x2")
One-sided print $1.18 $0.73 $0.70
Two-sided print $1.40 $0.88 $0.84
Rectangle 80x25mm (3.15"x1")
63x39mm (2.5"x1.5")
One-sided print $0.95 $0.60 $0.57
Two-sided print $1.13 $0.71 $0.68
Oval 94x45mm (3.7"x1.77"),
70x51mm** (2.75"x2")
One-sided print $1.49 $0.94 $0.89
Two-sided print $1.76 $1.11 $1.06
Oval 87x55mm (3.4"x2.17"),
Gingerbread shape 71x71mm (2.75")
One-sided print $1.49 $0.94 $0.89
Two-sided print $1.76 $1.11 $1.06

Production time approximately 2 weeks. Delivered individually packaged with use instructions. CE marked personal safety product. Prices excl VAT.

Slapwrap Reflomax Reflector

Shape and size Printing 250 pcs 500 pcs 1000 pcs 2000+ pcs
340 x 30 mm (13.4"x1316") Full-color $1.90 $1.18 $1.10 For over 1000 pcs
get a quotation
260 x 30 mm (10.2"x1316")
Perfect for kids
$1.54 $0.96 $0.93
340 x * mm (13.4" x any)
Custom shape
Get a quotation in custom shape — Minimum order 2500 pcs
Can include protruding shapes

Production time approximately 2 weeks. Delivered individually packaged with use instructions. CE marked personal safety product. Prices excl VAT.

Optional products and services
String and a safety pin Included
Trigger clip & keyring $0.23
Ballchain $0.11
Keyring & link chain $0.23
Black ballchain $0.28
Black ballchain + black trigger clip $0.40
Individual packaging in OPP bags Included
Printed paper insert in the bag $0.17
Rush production in 1 week
Five working days from proofing
+ 30 %
Express production
3-4 working days from proofing
+ 70 %
Retail packaging
Clear bag and a printed header card

Printing set-up charges
Full-color printing set-up charge
Discounted campaign price
Set-up charge for Pantone® color
Set-up charge per color
Mold charge for custom shape*
Discounted campaign price

Repeat order set up charges at 50% from standard pricing

*The minimum area of a personal safety reflector must be higher than 15cm2 to retain the CE EN13356:2001 certification. We will make sure your reflector meets this requirement.

Artwork instructions
Personal safety reflectors - Current stock shapes

Soft reflector attachment options

Below are the most common attachments for personal safety reflectors

Order soft reflectors online

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