Promotional Pillow Cases

Fully customizable promotional pillowcase with your design

Promotional pillow and pillow cases with logo
Promotional pillow and pillow cases with logo
Promotional pillow and pillow cases with logo
Promotional pillow and pillow cases with logo
Promotional pillow and pillow cases with logo
Promotional pillow and pillow cases with logo
Introducing our Premium Promotional Pillowcases

Increase your brand's visibility with our bespoke, full-color printed pillowcases. Perfect for enhancing the aesthetics of events or professional spaces, these pillowcases are not only eye-catching but also exude sophistication and durability.

Crafted with precision from 100% high-quality polyester, these pillowcases promise both a vibrant display and resilience, making them optimal for outdoor placements*. The unlimited color palette allows you to create designs that truly resonate with your brand's identity.

Economical shipping with locally sourced pillows

To ensure cost-effectiveness, we primarily ship these pillowcases flat-packed, without the pillow, in standardized dimensions. This approach allows clients to utilize local resources for compatible pillow inserts. However, for those seeking a comprehensive solution, we do offer the option of shipping with the pillow.

For this tailored service, simply provide us with your shipping details and desired quantity for an accurate quotation.

Most comfortable marketing effort ever!

These promotional pillowcases aren’t just about visuals; they’re a testament to innovative marketing. Whether it's for a time-sensitive campaign or an enduring brand statement in an indoor environment, the message on our pillowcases is hard to miss.

Woven labels optional extra

For those aiming to further enhance their branding, we offer an additional touch: the option of a woven fabric label meticulously sewn on the side. While there is a minimum order for the labels, we provide flexibility by sewing them onto any quantity of pillows you choose, sending any leftover labels with your order.

Choose our Premium Promotional Pillowcases, and let your brand make a statement that's both stylish and unforgettable.

Full-color Printed Pillowcases - Price List

The price always includes full-color printing on a high quality polyester. Minimum order is the lowest quantity on the price list.

Product Printing Delivered 25 pcs 50 pcs 100 pcs 200+ pcs
15" x 15"
40 x 40 cm

With pillow or without
Full color
Outdoor quality
Without pillow $14.00 $7.85 $5.97
With pillow $18.00 $11.85 $9.97
25" x 15"
65 x 40 cm

With pillow or without
Without pillow $14.00 $7.85 $5.97
With pillow $18.00 $11.85 $9.97

Standard production time outside summer season is approximately two weeks from the approval of digital proof. See information on Shipping Charges, Sales Tax, and Payment Methods.

Optional products and services
Fast production 1-2 weeks
Not available during season
+ 50 %
Set-up Charges
Printing set-up charge
Full-color printing is a standard
Light artwork design
Adding logos, graphics or texts

Repeat order set up charges at 50% from standard pricing

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