Our Vision & Business idea

From the very beginnings of our business Our vision has been to create a new approach to ordering identification products and event promotion. Open pricing, the principles of which we show well in our publications, the elimination of hidden costs, and the simplification of pricing are acts where we are at the forefront.

Listening to customers with a sensitive ear guides product selection and product development. For example, probably the world's largest selection of ready-to-ship necklaces in our warehouse arose from the need to allow the customer to make choices. Instead of being offered two choices, black and white, we wanted to offer a complete palette of sizes, designs, and colors. A large selection for you as a customer, will support the unrestricted implementation of your event branding.

Pinpops Ltd

Lanyards are continually evolving, with new models made of, for example, RPET recycled plastic

In the same way, other product ranges live up to the kind of products our customers are interested in. We are familiar with the products, production methods, and manufacturing methods under the surface. We will look at how to price a product clearly and simply how to speed up the production time of a product and how to make it more affordable to the customer.

Growth will allow us to acquire larger volumes, which in turn will help us manage cost-efficiency. Instead of sending our customers a letter every year about price pressures and percentage increases, we are happy to see our prices go down every year. Our ever-expanding market area enables growth as we open new websites and add locations.

This is the recipe that we use to raise our dough of operational guidelines.

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