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We have over 8000 different products in our range excluding textiles. Most of these have many variations, such as size and color variations, increasing the number of products to tens of thousands.

Every product has a story, a creator, and a person behind it. On this page, we present some of our manufacturers from whom we source semi-finished products, raw materials, and materials which we also print in our own production in Helsinki.

At first we would like to introduce lanyards, one of our most significant products. We import, store, print and sell about one million lanyards a year to our European customers. We use many different suppliers to manufacture different lanyard products.

Stock quality lanyards without printing are manufactured in Dongguan, China by our contract manufacturer, for whom our product plays an important role. The lanyards are weaved in custom colors, sewn in the hands of skilled tailors and shipped to our warehouse through ocean freight. Typically, it takes about three months from starting the order process until they reach our warehouse, waiting for your event.

Product manufacturing

There are many steps to making lanyards, from dyeing yarns to weaving and sewing

Lanyard clips are manufactured at another factory location by the same manufacturer. The quality must be not only excellent but also consistent from one production batch to another. Because the different stages of manufacturing are kept in the same hands, the quality of our products is well maintained.

The manufacturing facilities of our Chinese subcontractor have been audited by operators such as McDonald's®, The Coca-Cola Company®, Disney® ja Sedex®. The latter supervises and audits production facilities around the world.

We also try to visit the factories each year, we have taken the photos you see in our brochures and on our website. By familiarizing ourselves with the manufacturing process of our own subcontractors, we get the best idea of ​​the origin, manufacturing methods and materials of our products. This knowledge will help us develop our products in a more responsible way.

We are slowly moving from a standard polyester lanyard towards recycled plastic lanyards. The RPET material is not quite the same as the polyester yet, but it is gradually replacing the old polyester yarns as a raw material for lanyard weaving. With the natural exhaustion of inventory circulation, we are replacing old polyester lanyards with new RPET lanyards made of recycled plastic bottles.

Product manufacturing

Regardless of the advancement of printing technologies, screen printing lanyards is still manual labor

Another popular product that we carry in large numbers is festival wristbands. The most common types of bracelets in our range are paper-like Tyvek® wristbands, which are especially popular at short events. Another popular type is vinyl wristbands, which are also suitable for multi-day events.

We use a number of wristband manufacturers that produce wristbands for us, either without printing or with pre-printed design. Depending on the model, the bracelets may also be printed in our own print shop in Helsinki.

One of our largest suppliers of wristbands is Brady, a multinational publicly traded company specializing in identification products and various labeling products. The wristbands are ISO9001 and ISO13485 certified (BSI) and Brady's factories have also been audited by Sedex®.

Brady makes most of the wristbands in Mexico, from where the wristbands are shipped through the United States to the European Central Warehouse and on to us. We stock hundreds of thousands of wristbands in our own warehouse in Helsinki, where we can deliver them quickly to our customers, with or without printing.

Wristbands are made at the same factory for a festival and theme park use as well as hospitals for easy identification. All of our wristbands are made of safe and tested materials.

Wristband manufacturing

Wristbands are also printed using screen printing

We use a lot of manufacturers around the world. By working directly with them, we know the history and route of our products, from the first cutter, printer, thread or clip to the shelf in our warehouse. By selling directly from our own warehouse, we also know our customers, know what products to offer and what production times are expected of us.

We provide products with a wealth of know-how, experience, development and expertise.

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