Our sustainability

Sustainability and environmental responsibility

Pinpops is working on better environmental policies. We are constantly striving to develop both our operating methods and our products towards the principles of sustainable development. Our goal is a more responsible future and a cleaner environment for future generations.

In Helsinki, where we have over 16,100sqft (1,500m2) of office space and production, we have, for example, improved our energy consumption by replacing our old luminaires with more modern LED lighting. In winter, when it is cold in Finland, we use district heating to heat our premises. Modern and energy-efficient premises help us save energy.

Our Production and Warehouse has large, full-height windows that allow us to use daylight in the daytime, which reduces the need for artificial light. In addition to a more comfortable working environment, natural light also lowers our energy consumption. Windows also create a more comfortable working environment for people working on the premises.

Sustainable promotional products

The large windows of our production building provide plenty of natural light

Modern, state-of-the-art printing presses are also energy efficient and cause less waste. Whenever we purchase new printing presses, we always strive to choose printing methods and methods that minimize waste and environmentally harmful elements.

For example, sublimation printing, which we do a lot, is done with water-based Oeko-Tex® certified inks. Oeko-Tex® is an international standardization certificate that describes the safety of the product from the user's perspective. Certified product has non-toxic dyes and has been proven to be harmless. Since the certificate is awarded only for one year at a time, the company that receives it must maintain the same level of quality on a permanent and continuous basis.

Sustainable promotional products

Oeko-Tex® certified non-toxic inks support responsible production

We are constantly striving to find more responsibly produced materials, semi-finished materials from recycled materials, and products that help reduce our environmental footprint. As one of the latest projects, we are moving from regular polyester lanyards to RPET lanyards made from recycled plastic bottles. The scale matters: we sell more than one million necklaces every year throughout Europe. When we switch from virgin material to recycled material, this has significant environmental consequences.

We also offer recycling for our own products. For example, we take used badges and disposable items for event naming and take them to material recycling facilities.

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We are honored to serve some of the finest companies in the world, from recognizable worldwide firms to reputable local companies.

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