Custom Plastic Conference Badges

Printed on polyester plastic, these event badges provide durability to events that last more than a day

Event badges that are built to last, our polyester plastic badges will survive water, heat, and scratches

Printed on polyester plastic, these synthetic conference badges are still looking great after multi-day events

Print on different plastics

If special durability is required for event passports, for example for multi-day events, custom plastic conference badges are the right choice. Event badges printed on PVC, PET and Polyester are made directly by printing on the plastic surface. Delivery time is usually 5 days from artwork proofing, but we can provide turnaround times of just 1 day!

Printed plastic badges are the favorite product of multi-day events, outdoor events, and even water park events. The design is printed directly onto the plastic and the event pass can be coated with a durable laminate layer that protects the print and makes the card almost indestructible.

Thanks to a variety of material options, more eco-friendly materials are also available, making event and conference badges recyclable or biodegradable.

Fast manufacturing in-house

Custom printed conference badges are produced in our own printing production and delivery times start from just one day. Event badges are available in a variety of sizes and shapes, with the most common templates listed below. Cards can be perforated as needed and delivered either as they are or pre-printed, for example, in titles, and in alphabetical order.

Xerox NeverTear Polyester Conference Badge - Pricelist

Model Color Printing Personalized 100 pcs 300 pcs 500 pcs 1000 pcs 2000+
Up to 2"x3"
74 x 52 mm (A8)
CMYK Onesided Yes $1.77 $1.01 $0.80 $0.68 For over 2000 pcs
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No $1.33 $0.76 $0.60 $0.51
Double sided Yes $2.45 $1.57 $1.12 $1.01
No $1.84 $1.18 $0.84 $0.76
Up to 2.9"x4"
74 x 105 mm (A7)
CMYK Onesided Yes $2.54 $1.62 $1.18 $1.04
No $1.91 $1.21 $0.88 $0.78
Double sided Yes $3.07 $2.02 $1.60 $1.36
No $2.31 $1.51 $1.21 $1.02
Up to 4"x6"
105 x 148 mm (A6)
Post card size
CMYK Onesided Yes $3.22 $2.11 $1.70 $1.46
No $2.42 $1.58 $1.28 $1.10
Double sided Yes $3.59 $2.43 $1.98 $1.68
No $2.70 $1.82 $1.48 $1.27

Standard pricing includes free personalization, rounded corners, round hole or metal grommet. Shipping Charges & Tax information.

Optional products and services
Rounded corners, round hole Included as standard
Wide oval hang tag hole $0.06
Matt lamination A7, A8 $0.06
Matt lamination A6 $0.11
SoftTouch Laminated - A8, A7
Ultrasoft rubbery surface
SoftTouch Laminated - A6
Ultrasoft rubbery surface
Alphabetized delivery
Delivery in alphabetized order
$0.11 / pcs
Name badge trays
Display cases for conference badges
Buy online
Delivery in 1-3 working days +30%
Additional designs
Applies when more than 2 designs/background
$5.65 / artwork
Special effect printing
Metallic or fluorescent, white, clear lacquer
+ 10 %
Laminated badges Go to laminated badges

*Standard production time approximately 1 week

Printing set-up charges
Printing set up charge, NeverTear $0.00
PVC plastic printing set up charge $45.20
Graphic design for badges
Contact us for quotation
from $33.90

Beyond CMYK by Xerox®

All of our event pass and conference badges are printed by taking full advantage of the printing industry's latest innovation. With Beyond CMYK by Xerox®, we can offer more than a standard four-color printing process; we can offer you a whole color palette of special colors previously unknown to digital printing. With Beyond CMYK by Xerox®, we have metallic colors, white, silver, gold, and clear, and the amazing neon-colors that glow under blacklight.

Artwork instructions
Not yet available for this product

Tips for event badge buyer

With good preparation you can speed up the production of your conference badges

Printing in days, not weeks

Supply the artwork as soon as you can, even before the list of attendees to speed up the processing

Personalization and data

Provide the list of attendees in an Excel with each participant in their own field to speed up alphabetizing for print

Free digital proof

We will create a digital proof of every bespoke order before proceeding to the production