Recycled plastics

Transforming production away from single use plastics

Plastics are widely used everywhere, including in our products and production. The reason is simple; plastic is a cheap and versatile material that is easy to mold and work. Plastics can be made into almost any color, size, and weight. Plastic is an excellent product as long as it is properly disposed of after use. However, this is not always the case.

For our part, we want to improve the use of plastics to be more sustainable. As a guideline on this road, we have set a target year by which we will aim to transform all plastic products in our range into either recycled or renewable plastics.

During 2019, we partnered with an industry leader to launch the world's first fully biodegradable badge, all made of biodegradable plastic. Button's body and protective plastic are made of PLA plastic, which is a biodegradable material. Printing is done on recycled paper with the industry's latest Xerox® Iridesse® printing press.

Biodegradable pinback button badges made of PLA plastics

The button badge made of biodegradable PLA plastic returns to nature in a couple of years

New RPET lanyards supplemented the product range based on plastic pellets collected from recycled plastic bottles. Ordinary PET plastic bottles are recycled, crushed, and melted to form plastic pellets, further spun into yarn. The yarn can be weaved into lanyards for either printing or dyeing. We believe we will be able to eventually replace all lanyard products with materials made of recycled plastic.

Our yarn is made by Unifi®, under the brand name REPREVE®.

The lanyard security lock is also made of plastic and is almost always used with the lanyards we supply. The safety break or safety buckle should be sturdy and appropriate, durable, but breakable when required. Because of safety, no material change can be made without extensive testing.

In the summer of 2020, we expanded our selection of lanyard accessories with two new items made from composite plastic, to be used as a safety buckle and quick release buckle. The safety buckle and quick release are not actually biodegradable, but the wheat straw used in them reduces the plastic content of the product. Wheat is produced from agricultural Surplus, unusable parts of wheat.

Lanyards made of recycled RPET plastic

Lanyards made from recycled RPET-plastic, soon the safety buckles will also be made of renewable plastic

Mousepads, microfiber cloths, and tube scarves are printed using the same printing method that has already been successfully proven to work on recycled RPET necklaces. In the future, we also want to replace the material of mouse pads, tube scarves, and microfiber cloths with microfiber made entirely from recycled plastic.

You can already order tubing scarves made of RPET recycled plastic. For the time being, their production cost is slightly higher because the cost of producing the material is also higher than that of a standard polyester tube scarf.

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