Sustainability in promotional garments

We print a great deal on advertising textiles for businesses, from businesses to communities, from commercial to municipal and government. When choosing advertising textiles, we strive to help the customer and guide their purchases in a more responsible way. Often, the choice of a textile brand is strongly determined by the customer's budget. On the other hand, the popularity of Fairtrade® textiles, for example, is constantly decreasing.

We have a large selection of ad textiles from a variety of manufacturers that are based on more than just the idea of ​​mass production.

For example, Neutral® Promotional Textiles are very popular with our customers, from t-shirts to hoodies, from fabric bags to banners. Neutral® Profile Clothing is FairTrade® certified, GOTS certified, EU Ecolabel certified and also Oeko-Tex® certified. With all these certifications, you can rest assured that by choosing Neutral® textiles as the base for your logo, you will be responsible and support sustainable development.

Sustainable promotional textiles

Neutral proves how a responsibly produced, slightly more expensive product can bring added value to its user

Newer and more specialized production is represented by Ecologie by Awdis and the domestic brand Pure Waste. Both Ecologie and Pure Waste are made using the surplus of the textile industry, pieces of Textile left over from normal textile production and formerly ended up in landfill.

Surplus material is collected and sorted by color. The collected textile pulps of different colors are shredded to a small size, then the pulp is mixed with the polyester and spun again into a yarn. There is no need to dye the yarn anymore because it was originally colored and the result will be mild.

Compared to virgin cotton, this way, recycled cotton will save Ecologie by Awdis 8 liters of water, 25 kg of chemicals, 25KwH of electricity, 2 liters of wasted water during the growing phase and 50m2 of growing land per tonne of raw material for textiles.

Pure Waste promises that one t-shirt will save up to 2,700 liters of water by the time it is finished, which means that Pure Waste textiles have a low carbon footprint, environmental impact and responsibility is at its peak.

Sustainable promotional garments

Sewing Pure Waste textiles in India [S:Wikipedia]

Pinpops prints textiles in our own screen printing company in Helsinki, Finland. You can buy responsibly produced textiles from us with your own logo and domestic printing. There are many types of printing, the timing, the printing (or embroidery) to be applied, and the textiles selected will affect the selection of the appropriate method.

Visit our Pinpops Shop & Showroom for these and other ad textiles or profile clothing that we print. On site, you get to touch, fit, and experience both our plain unprinted, and printed promotional clothing.

We are also exceptionally open in our pricing, you won't get any unexpected hidden costs. When you request a quote for textile printing, the price includes all costs. We also list prices for almost all of our textiles directly on our website, our clothing website

Our own screen printing production for promotional garments

Pinpops Screen Printing production in Helsinki, Finland

Pinpops is also an expert when you want to sew textiles from scratch, with original design. Years of cooperation with textile manufacturers guarantee a fast, skilled and professional service in the production of custom-designed, printed and sewn profile clothing and other textile products.