Laminated Conference Badges

Durable laminated Conference Badges for events

Laminated conference badge on paper
Biodegradable Laminated Conference Name Badges
Laminated conference badge on paper
Laminated event conference badge
Event conference badge on paper
Lamination increases durability

Laminated conference badges with print are an inexpensive and popular way to name event attendees. Laminated badges are printed on rigid cardboard, and the naming of name badges can be completed at the printing stage. We need an attendee list in Excel format, and we can also assist you in designing the conference badges for a nominal fee.

Biodegradable lamination

In addition to printing on recycled stock, you can now choose a more environmentally friendly biodegradable lamination. The conference badges with biodegradable lamination will naturally degrade back to the ground within a few years. Click here for biodegradable event passports.

Paper options and finishes

The laminated event badges or name cards are usually printed on 150-250g cardboard or, if you prefer, on high-quality Cocoon made from recycled paper. Recycled paper is grainy and the recyclable property is easily detected.

For the production of customized conference badges, submit a single layout file according to which the cards will be printed.

Please provide the list of names in Excel file format so that the changing contents are in their own cells. See also the material instructions for typing names and printing materials.

Soft-touch lamination or spot varnish

Event and conference badges can be laminated with a special Soft Touch surface. Soft Touch Lamination makes the badges feel soft, almost rubber-like. With Duplo's new Digital Spot Lacquer, details like water droplets are easily highlighted.

Free corner rounding, perforation, and packing

We always offer free perforation for event passes and corner rounding if you wish. You can also choose to leave them out.

Conference badges are always delivered in a moisture-proof heat-shrink wrap. If you wish, you will receive the Event Passes in alphabetical order and, for example, loaded on the event pass tray, where participants can easily retrieve their own conference name badges.

Laminated Event Passes - Price list

The price includes full-color printing, personalization, rounded corners and a round tag hole drilling.

Size Features Printing 100 200 300 400+
Up to 2.9"x4"
74 x 52 mm (A8)
74 x 105 mm (A7)
300g/m2 or 100lb
cover cardboard

rounded corners
round hole for hanging
One sided $1.49 $1.33 $0.87
Double sided $1.74 $1.41 $0.97
Up to 4"x6"
105 x 148 mm (A6)
Post card size
One sided $1.89 $1.74 $1.44
Double sided $2.10 $1.94 $1.58
Giant Badge
Up to 6" x 8"
148 x 210mm (A5)
Two rounded holes
One sided $2.28 $2.12 $1.66
Double sided $2.66 $2.38 $1.93

Standard production time is approximately two weeks from the approval of digital proof. See Shipping Charges & Tax information.

Optional products and services
Rounded corners and a hole
Small round hole for attachment
Wide oval holeFor attaching a wide metal clip $0.08
Matt lamination A7, A8 $0.05
Matt lamination A6 $0.10
SoftTouch Laminated - A8, A7
Ultrasoft rubbery surface
SoftTouch Laminated - A6
Ultrasoft rubbery surface
Alphabetized delivery
Delivery in alphabetized order
Special effect printing
Metallic or fluorescent, white, clear lacquer
+ 15 %
Additional designs
Applies when more than 2 designs/background
$5.00 / artwork
Delivery in 2-4 working days + 30 %
Dispatch in 24 hours + 50 %
Set-up Charges
Printing set-up charge
Full-color printing is a standard
Graphic design for badges
Let us do the design for you
Get a quote

Beyond CMYK by Xerox®
All of our event pass and conference badges are printed by taking full advantage of the printing industry's latest innovation. With Beyond CMYK by Xerox®, we can offer more than a standard four-color printing process; we can offer you a whole color palette of special colors previously unknown to digital printing. With Beyond CMYK by Xerox®, we have metallic colors, white, silver, gold, and clear, and the amazing neon-colors that glow under blacklight. Continue reading about Beyond CMYK by Xerox®.