Hard Enamel Pins

Prestigious finish and a level surface, hard enamel is the choice for premium lapel pins

Imitation hard enamel creates a finish imitating art

Imitation hard enamel is a thick paste used to infill the crevices of a metal pin, to create a prestigious finish

Imitation hard enamel or Cloisonné?

Cloisonne is an ancient technique for decorating metal objects with colored material separated by metal strips. Imitation hard enamel imitates this effect by infilling a lapel pin's crevices with an even surface of various colors.

What separates hard enamel from soft enamel lapel pins is the even surface: soft enamel feels sunken into the recessed areas of a lapel pin, while hard enamel is on a level with the metal parts of the pin. The entire lapel pin feels smooth, even and levelled.

Difference between real Cloisonné and hard enamel

While an actual Cloisonné is usually made by filling the recessed areas with molten glass, imitation hard enamel uses thick paste as the filler. This is mainly because of price: using glass as the fill is much more expensive. As most lapel pins are bought with a limited budget in mind, using a synthetic paste is a cost-effective way to achieve a similar result.

Free digital proof, artwork department

We help you all the way from the idea to a finished custom made lapel pin. Our in-house artwork department will create a digital proof of a custom made a pin for you, and they are here to help you create the original design if you cannot do that yourself.

You don't need to have technical knowledge of making a lapel pin; we take care of that. You don't need to be fluent in Mandarin; we take care of that too.

As a significant lapel pins manufacturer, we have the best suppliers, manufacturers, and resources for your order to be fulfilled in a lightning speed turnaround time. Send us a sketch, digital drawing, or a physical sample - we will make a replica of that for you.

Government and EU contracts, Proof of Quality

Pinpops is the supplier of choice for a long list of Government Institutions, various European Union Institutions and acting bodies, embassies, and other public sector customers. We have an impressive reference list of customers, organizations, and events catered during the years with our custom made lapel pins and other promotional items.

Our pins have been seen in the Presidential Summit in Helsinki between two great heads of state. We have provided pins to identify foreign dignitaries during important EU meetings and identify various embassy members worldwide.

Contact us if you're looking for the most trustworthy, reliable, and safe lapel pin manufacturer.

Hard Enamel Pins - Price List

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< 0.6"
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Standard production time is from two to three weeks from the approval of proof. VAT will be added to EU customers without a valid VAT registration number.

Additional Products & Services
Additional colors
When more than 4 colors
$0.00 / per color
Rush production in 2 weeks +50% to list prices
Packaging in acrylic gift boxes $0.00 / pcs
Magnetic attachment $0.00 pcs
Printing set-up charges
Mold charge
Fixed fee for custom embossing mold
From $56.50

Repeat order at 50% set up charge

Artwork instructions
Not yet available for this product

Attachment options

Below are the most common lapel pin attachment options — combination of different attachments is possible