Custom Enamel Pins

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Enamel lapel pins are a cost-effective way to add color

Soft enamel paint is a great way to add color, details to a custom lapel pin

Enamel adds color to custom metal pins

The most common method of manufacturing lapel pins with color is using soft enamel paint. Paint is carefully handcrafted, each lapel pin manually painted - one color at a time. Each painted color is then cured at a high temperature to make a permanent adhesion.

A custom mold is where pins are realized

Every lapel pins start its life from the mold. Custom made, every mold is different, a replica of your design carefully crafted into a piece of steel. The smaller the pin, the more precise and intricate the detailing of the mold.

We store molds for 2 years from the last order, so you don't have to pay another mold fee if you wish to place a re-order.

Soft enamel paint for added effect

Every color is added manually to every pin, one color at a time. To avoid colors from mixing, a recess is created on the lapel pin mold. With recessed areas, it is possible to add paint one color at a time without mixing colors into each other.

If you're looking for a more prestigious look, you should choose Hard Enamel Pins.

While soft enamel paint is infilled into the recess, the paint sets below the pin surface, creating recessed areas on the lapel pin surface. With hard enamel pins, the recessed areas are filled with a thick paste that does not recess. A hard enamel pin is even from the surface, creating a more prestigious - but also more expensive look.

Government and EU contracts, Proof of Quality

Pinpops is the supplier of choice for a long list of Government Institutions, various European Union Institutions and acting bodies, embassies, and other public sector customers. We have an impressive reference list of customers, organizations, and events catered during the years with our custom made lapel pins and other promotional items.

Our pins have been seen in the Presidential Summit in Helsinki between two great heads of state. We have provided pins to identify foreign dignitaries during important EU meetings and identify various embassy members worldwide.

Contact us if you're looking for the most trustworthy, reliable, and safe lapel pin manufacturer.

Soft enamel lapel pins - Price List

Size 100 pcs 300 pcs 500 pcs 1000+ pcs
< 0.6"
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Standard production time is from two to three weeks from the approval of proof. VAT will be added to EU customers without a valid VAT registration number.

Additional Products & Services
Rush production in 2 weeks +50% to list prices
Packaging in acrylic gift boxes $0.00/pcs
Magnetic attachment $0.00/pcs
Printing set-up charges
Mold charge
Fixed fee for custom embossing mold
From $56.50/pcs

Repeat order at 50% set up charge

Artwork instructions
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Attachment options

Below are the most common lapel pin attachment options — combination of different attachments is possible