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Die-Struck Custom Metal Lapel Pins

We are the largest supplier of metal pins and promotional badges in the Nordic countries. We make it Easy for you to produce high quality lapel pins!

Embossed Pins are an economical choice

You can recognize a die-struck lapel pin from the buffed, raised elements on the surface of the pin. Sandblasted effects or other surface finishes are created during embossing by the mold.

Embossed pins are the most economical way to produce real, genuine metal lapel pins from a logo or any other design. With many electroplating colors to choose from, different results are relatively easily achieved without breaking the bank.

How a die-struck lapel pin is made

Making a real metal lapel pin starts from creating the design. It can be anything, really, as long as you take into consideration the technical properties of a finished product.

For embossed, die-struck lapel pins there is only one color; that of the finished metal. Different shades are easily added by including a antique finish, but there is no actual colors used in the making of a die-struck pin.

Our art department helps you to create the necessary files for creating a three-dimensional embossing mold to make the pins. Once you approve the digital proof using our online proofing service, we take care of the production steps.

Production time

Most lapel pins are manufactured within two to three weeks from the approval of digital proof. Usually, it takes two working days for us to create digital proofs.

The total time from receiving artwork to you receiving the completed order is, on average, three to four weeks.

If you're in a hurry, we can help you achieve a faster production turnaround. You are expected to work with us swiftly for rush service, from sending the artwork to approving the proof. Rush service production time varies from 2-3 weeks.

Why choose a Nordic company?

With our experience, we can provide you with the support needed to create a successful end-product. Our own in-house art department will provide you with a professional graphics service that can be anything from just processing a vectorized artwork to the recreation of a pencil sketch of an image. You will get digital proof of a finished product before proceeding to production.

As an added benefit, doesn't it just sound better to tell you got lapel pins from Helsinki, Finland - than from, say, China?

How about taxes, Customs duties?

For our international customers we provide Worldwide Free Shipping on FedEx. The delivery fee includes any Customs fees, Duties and Import taxes - we take care of that - it is included in our price.

For more information about our company, you should read our Company Introduction.

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Standard production time is from two to three weeks from the approval of proof. VAT will be added to EU customers without a valid VAT registration number.

Additional Products & Services
Rush production in 2 weeks +50% to list prices
Packaging in acrylic gift boxes $0.00/pcs
Magnetic attachment $0.00/pcs
Printing set-up charges
Mold charge
Fixed fee for custom embossing mold
From $56.50/pcs

Mold is stored for free for 2 years from your last order

Artwork instructions
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Attachment options

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