Die-Cast 3D Pins

Custom made die-cast lapel pins with your own mold

Bring metal to life with the third dimension

Die-cast 3D lapel pins are made with molten metal to create dimension

Add dimension to metal with die-casting

A three-dimensional logo with a lot of depth and dimension, curves, and cut-outs define 3D die-cast lapel pins. Adding a third dimension is a sign of value, that of well-crafted jewelry.

Electroplating finishes 3D die-cast pins

Most lapel pin finishes are either gold or silver, bronze or copper. With a wide variety of other options, such as antique finish with its dark shadows, there are many ways to go when planning the execution of your custom made 3D Die-Cast lapel pins.

Combination of different attachments

Lapel pins don't have to be just lapel pins. Ask for a tie-bar, earring, cufflinks, or a necklace — your custom made 3D die-cast lapel pins goes into a whole assortment of attachment options. Feel free to mix different attachments into a single order to make use of the opportunity to get more than just pins.

Send us your logo to get started

If you wish to order lapel pins from the leading Nordic manufacturer of custom made lapel pins, send us a logo, drawing or a sketch of a pin. For every order we create a digital proof with our own in-house art department, so you see your custom made lapel pin before we even get started.

Once you are satisfied with the design and show thumbs up for the digital proof, your lapel pins are sent to production. After preparing the mold, pins are manufactured, electroplated, attachments added, and products packaged.

Standard production time is 2-3 weeks from the proof's approval; rush orders are manufactured in 2 weeks. From idea to finished product, you could be holding a custom made pins in your hands in less than three to four weeks.

Die-Cast 3D Lapel Pins - Price List

Size 100 pcs 300 pcs 500 pcs 1000+ pcs
< 0.6"
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Standard production time is from two to three weeks from the approval of proof. VAT will be added to EU customers without a valid VAT registration number.

Additional Products & Services
Rush production in 2 weeks +50% to list prices
Packaging in acrylic gift boxes $0.00 / pcs
Magnetic attachment $0.00 pcs
Printing set-up charges
Mold charge
Fixed fee for custom embossing mold
Starting at $56.50

Repeat order at 50% set up charge

Artwork instructions
Not yet available for this product

Attachment options

Below are the most common lapel pin attachment options — combination of different attachments is possible