Eventos Name Badge

Reusable name badge with a small window for printed paper inserts

Reusable Eventos name badge with a window

Eventos namebadges are made with a small window, where you can easily slip through the new paper insert, for example on paper

Eventos plastic name tags with an interchangeable name tag

Handy nameplate printed on PVC with an easily replaceable paper name tag for event use or customer service. There are several sizes of openings available so you can choose whether the name badge should include only the name or other information such as title, organization or job.

Minimum order 25 pieces

On Eventos labels, the smallest order is 25 at a time. The production time varies depending on the production queue in 2-3 weeks. Adding a clear epoxy lens to the name badge will require about a week more production time.

Pantone® colors and customizations

You can also get the Eventos name signs printed on the corporate identity, along with PantoneĀ®. The name personalization may also contain more specific information such as a QR code, a bar code, or even language flags.

On the back, there is a handy thumb pad that lets you easily remove the name strip and replace it with a new one. In addition, Eventos nameplates can be molded with an epoxy coating to provide a more sophisticated, commercially-looking nameplate, for example, for use by sellers.

A good choice for variable naming

Eventos is a handy nameplate for short-term, frequently changing applications. The logo or graphic is printed under a thick non-scratch laminating layer. You can easily change your Eventos name tags to new ones with special name strips that you can buy on a perforated basis and print the names yourself - or you can order the labels on a perforated basis.

Differences in sizes

The Naming Strips Selection Guide will help you understand the size of the naming window relative to the size of the nameplate.

Eventos Name Badge Price list

Model Size Window size Printing 25-49 50-99 100-249 250-499
Eventos 70 x 40mm One-line 70x12mm Full-color $9.92 $7.88 $5.68 $4.29
Two-line 70x18mm $10.44 $8.29 $6.00 $4.53
Multi line 70x24mm $10.44 $8.29 $6.00 $4.53
Eventos 75 x 55mm Multi line 75x24mm $10.76 $8.54 $6.17 $4.64
Big window 75x36mm $10.76 $8.54 $6.17 $4.64
Eventos 95 x 62mm Grande 95x24mm $12.45 $9.89 $7.14 $5.39
Mega Tag 95x36mm $13.83 $10.98 $7.93 $5.99
Eventos 86 x 54mm XL 86x24mm $19.98 $15.87 $11.46 $8.64
Eventos Ø70mm Round 60x12mm Minimum order for round 100 pcs $7.03 $5.39
Eventos Individual
Minimum 60x50mm
Custom shape Height
1/2" (12mm)
Minimum order quantity 250 pcs Get a quote

List price includes safety pin attachment. Standard production time is 2-3 weeks. Shipping Charges & Tax information.

Optional products and services
Standard or mini two part magnet $0.00
Pin attachment $0.00
Doming finish
Polyurethane doming on badge surface
Eventos badge in custom shape or size +30%
Sheets of badge inserts (250 inserts) $39.55
Sheets of badge inserts (500 inserts) $55.37

Printing set-up charges
CMYK Full-color printing $45.20
Screen printing using Pantone® match $45.20
Mold cost for custom shape $45.20

Repeat orders at -50% from standard set-up charges

Artwork instructions
Not yet available for this product

Name badge accessories

Below is a list of the most common accessories available for this product

Name badge magnet Pinpops
Small name badge magnet Pinpops
Button magnet for light weight products
Magnetic clip
Small name badge magnet Neutral
Safety pin attachment