Giant Name Badge Button

A fun way to identify visitors or attendees with personalized button badges

Big as it may be, name badge button is a serious identification product

With our proprietary attachment, we have eliminated the need to pierce clothing

A fun alternative to identification

With our custom printed, personalized name badge buttons, you have a fun way to let attendees identify one another. With a whopping 4" (10cm) diameter and a stunning Beyond CMYK by Xerox® printing, the Giant Name Badge Button is a memorable way to identify visitors at an event. A smaller 3" diameter is also available.

Easiest way to identification

If you are organizing an event and have a list of visitors available, you're halfway there. We only need the list of visitors and a single artwork file, and you can leave the rest to us. Individual names are printed during production. If you would like to sort visitors into different groups by design, that too is an option.

Do you need help in designing the layout of the Giant Name Badge Button? We have you sorted! Please give us a logo, color, or other requirements, and our amazing graphics department does the design for you.

Attachment without puncture

The backside can be fitted with a two-part magnetic fastening option to prevent the needle from damaging that amazing evening gown or the expensive designer suit. The two-part magnet has just enough strength to hold through a jacket, but it's not too strong to leave a permanent mark.

Minimum order is just 10 pieces

The minimum order for the Giant Name Badge Button is just 10 pieces. There is no upper limit on how many Name Badge Buttons we make. Most of our orders are made with hundreds of names, personalized and branded, ready to wear. Giant Name Badge Buttons can also be attached to an invitation card, for example, or printed with a sticker on the back of a message to the recipient.

Name buttons are surprisingly inexpensive, please Contact Us for a quote.

Price List for Giant Name Badge Buttons

Model Properties 10 25 50 100 200 300 400+
Giant Button
Ø 4" (100mm)
Quick production Made in just a few days, extremely popular
namebadge buttons are available, ask for a quotation
Small Giant Button
Ø 3" (76mm)

Standard production time is just 5 days! Surprisingly affordable, get a quotation. The print is always in full color. Shipping Charges & Tax information.

Optional products and services
Magnetic attachment
Strong two-part magnetic attachment
from $0.96
Soft-touch lamination
Ultra-smooth, rubbery surface
Digital Spot varnish
Bring out the logo in glossy finish
from $0.51
Alphabetized & shrink wrapped
Delivery in alphabetized order
$0.11 / pcs

*Additional charges are added on top of unit price

Printing set-up charges
Full color setup charge $0.00
Graphic design for badges
Contact us for quotation
from $0.00
Beyond CMYK metallic colors
Beyond CMYK by Xerox®-printing
0,00 €

Beyond CMYK by Xerox®

All of our event pass and conference badges are printed by taking full advantage of the printing industry's latest innovation. With Beyond CMYK by Xerox®, we can offer more than a standard four-color printing process; we can offer you a whole color palette of special colors previously unknown to digital printing. With Beyond CMYK by Xerox®, we have metallic colors, white, silver, gold, and clear, and the amazing neon-colors that glow under blacklight.

Artwork instructions
Download artwork instructions

Name badge accessories

Below is a list of the most common accessories available for this product

Name badge magnet Pinpops
Small name badge magnet Pinpops
Button magnet for light weight products
Magnetic clip
Small name badge magnet Neutral
Safety pin attachment

Tips for event badge buyer

With good preparation you can speed up the production of your conference badges

Printing in days, not weeks

Supply the artwork as soon as you can, even before the list of attendees to speed up the processing

Personalization and data

Provide the list of attendees in an Excel with each participant in their own field to speed up alphabetizing for print

Free digital proof

We will create a digital proof of every bespoke order before proceeding to the production